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    The predominant wine in the province of Parma is the celebrated "Lambrusco".
    While widely used in all of Western Emilia, it is the fruit of a particular varietal in Parma due to the patient care of dedicated vintners.
    Ruby red, full-bodied and robust, slightly dry with a violet bouquet, it has a mederate alcohol content of 10-11%.

    Curzio Malaparte wrote in a beautiful essay entitled "Lambrusco and Freedom", "Lambrusco is not only the most spirited wine in the world as stated by Fillipo Corridoni, but the most full-bodied, most animated and most typical of Italian wines".

    And Paolo Monelli, noted food and wine connoisseur that, as a good Modenese and ex-alpine soldier is familiar with wine, describes it as " a gift from God, dry, lively, bold and daring and great for flushing excess fat and condiments from the system. The alcohol content is so moderate that it can be drunk without the fear that it will go to your head, and as soon as it's poured is produces a violet fizz that immediately dissipates if the wine is authentic. It has a sparkling ruby colour and the strength of the purple violets; as a matter of fact, it is the first property tasters look for in a Lambrusco - if it's got the violet".

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